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i was trying to make a dash effect for a model for moving the units in a turn based rts and omg your legs helped so much with getting proportions right thank you

You are welcome. I am glad my animation was helpfull :)

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Hi, Lil Cthulhu. We used your sprites for a game. We gave you credit for it. Here's the game where we used your sprites:

Thank you for sharing your sprites! We think that they look amazing! Keep up the good work!

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Hey, glad you like it. Watched the youtube video of your game. Looks great so far.

Oh, and thanks for the credit! :)

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Sorry, but I didn't get everythng about what I can and can't do.

Can I use it in my game and then publish it?

(Very nice work!!!)

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You can use all this artwork for your own purposes - private and commercial. Credit is not required but appreciated. The only thing you should not do is resell the artwork itself as your own. If it is inside of your game - be my guest.


Could you add a dash animation?

I did not intend to use one in my game, but I can try to animate a dash. Give me a couple of days.

Thank you


I added a dash animation - frames 29 to 34. I also added a Sprite sheet without the Effekt. Enjoy :)

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